DPC Printing Procedures and Best Practices

Aug. 21, 2013

Written by Jeff Wilkinson

In order for DPC print jobs to be processed, all files must be submitted AND a work order must be filled out COMPLETELY by close of business on the day of your print submission deadline. The DPC closes at 5:00pm (NOT 6:00pm) on weekdays and Sundays (closed Saturdays).

Simply dropping a file into the DPC folder on the server doesn’t get it printed. Files must be placed in the DPC folder AND a DPC work order MUST be filled out ENTIRELY – (Name, phone and/or email, year, and studio are REQUIRED) in order to get your job in the queue. All file names to be printed (not just folder names) must be included. Simply asking that all files in a given folder be printed is NOT a proper submission.


  • PDF is the only acceptable file format for DPC printing. Create single page PDFs ONLY. Multi‐page PDFs often do not print properly.
  • The DPC no longer offers printing on custom papers. Samples of paper options offered are on hand in the DPC.
  • The only payment option is VolCard ‐ no cash, no checks. Payment MUST be made in order to pick up prints – no IOUs will be accepted.

Best Practices

Step 1: File Prep for Adobe Creative Suite (If you are not creating your PDF from one ofthe Creative Suite apps, proceed to Step 2 below.) Consult the Creative Suite help files
for more info.

  • PhotoShop – Flatten your file before creating the PDF.
  • Illustrator – Flatten your file before creating the PDF.
  • InDesign – Package your file before creating the PDF.

Step 2: “Print to PDF” from your application. DO NOT “EXPORT PDF” OR “SAVE AS
PDF.” Mac users please note the following:

  • Apple removed the ability to “Print to PDF” with the release of OS X 10.6. Mac users with OS 10.6 and 10.7 will therefore need to go ahead and either “Export PDF” or “Save As PDF.” Then you MUST proceed to Step 3 below. SKIPPING STEP 3 MAY RESULT IN A FAILED PRINT JOB.

Step 3: “Print to PDF” from Adobe Acrobat Pro on a Windows computer (installed on all computer lab and DPC workstations.)

  • Windows users are STRONGLY ADVISED to proceed with this step. Mac users are REQUIRED to proceed with this step.
  • Open your PDF in Acrobat Pro on any Windows machine and PRINT to the PDF printer as follows:
  • Select Print from the File menu. Click the Advanced button. Check the Print as Image box. Select 300dpi from the drop‐down menu. (If your PDF turns up blank, redo this step but select 600dpi.)  This new PDF is now ready to be printed in the DPC.

If you have any question about printing, you should come by the DPC and ask for help well in advance of your deadline. DPC staff can provide more detailed information on the procedures outlined above