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The College of Architecture + Design [CoAD] accepts applications from internal applicants and new external transfer candidates. Internal transfer applicants are current University of Tennessee students enrolled in another college on campus or exploratory students. New external transfer applicants attend an accredited community college, college, or university, other than the University of Tennessee.

Internal applicants would complete the CoAD Internal Transfer Application.

External applicants should complete the general university application selecting Architecture or Interior Design as Major.

If accepted, students begin the Undergraduate Architecture Program [BARCH] or Interior Design Program [BSID] during the summer session or during the Fall Semester. New students are rarely admitted for Spring Semester entry. Applications for Summer Admission should be received by March 10th. Applications for Fall Admission should be received by November 1st for priority review. The undergraduate BARCH Degree is a Five-Year Program while the BSID is a Four-Year Program.

Currently, the CoAD does not require any specific prerequisite requirements for applying to the college. However, previous academic success, standardized tests [ACT/SAT], and your statement of intent are thoroughly reviewed to evaluate your desire and ability to participate in our programs. Additionally, the CoAD does not require a portfolio for admission. However, if you are interested in submitting a portfolio, we would welcome it. Portfolios can be delivered to the attention of the Assistant to the Undergraduate Program Directors. Please note that the CoAD requires a minimum GPA of 2.50.

Students interested in applying to the college are encouraged to participate in one of the CoAD’s Open Houses or Transfer Information Sessions held each semester.



Please RSVP to

Following participation in these events, students applying to one of the undergraduate programs are welcomed to make an advising appointment with a representative of the College of Architecture + Design as well as the respective program director.