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TAAST 2015 Workshop Remix

March 4, 2015 @ 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

TAAST Workshops

Studio is cancelled on Wednesday of TAAST Week! What does that mean?! We have curated 5 workshops available for you to be a part of! These workshop leaders are some of the greatest and inspirational people coming from all over the nation! One of which is our very own student-led organization here at the College of Architecture & Design.

This is your ticket to get out of studio! Workshops will be held simultaneously through the day to allow students to attend more than 1 if they would like.


Sign-up sheets will allow you to select your preferred workshops. 


WORKSHOP_ Adam Smith | 

9-11 in room 103A and 12-4 in room 103A

This workshop will consider the space of the film or shot as an architectural territory.  Adam will bring his photography and video equipment and describe the various tooling (hardware and software) that he uses in his practice.  He will show examples and introduce techniques.  Students will set up shots, using the atrium of the Art&Architecture Building as a filmic subject.

This workshop will have a session from 9-11 in room 103A and from 12-4 in Room 103A.  Work will continue intermittently through Thursday.

Professor David Fox will collaborate with Adam.

Adam is an architectural photographer, film maker, and designer at Synecdoche Design and staff videographer at University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.


9-11 in room 103B and 12-4 in room 217A

This workshop will examine the latent potential of digital platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.  Understood by most simply as “social media,” these platforms have spatial consequences on how diverse publics – crowds and collectives – aggregate in the space of the city.  In this digital context, how citizens render themselves public impacts what designers might take into consideration as they design physical public space.

This workshop will have a session from 9-11 in room 103B and from 12-4 in room 217A. Work will continue intermittently through Thursday.

Kiki Roeder, Director of Communication and Digital Strategy will collaborate with Sara.

Sara is an architect and graphic designer based in Berkeley, California. She is a product designer for BluHomes, where she develops component parts and systematic strategies for pre-fabricated residential houses. In addition to her professional practice as an architect, she is co-director of the experimental design research practice anexact office. Her research with anexact office considers the implications of digital methodologies on social and environmental justice organizing and related political practices. She is committed to both open-access distribution and crowd-source platforms to promote both knowledge and skill sharing, and media democratization.

WORKSHOP_Freedom by Design

 More information available

WORKSHOP_ Section Cut

12-8 in room 103B

In this workshop, we will rapidly design and deploy site-specific inflatable installations which put pressure on their environments. Each installation will have personalities or, at the very least, objectives. Student teams will draw a motivating objective from a hat, then select a site within the atrium of the Art&Architecture building. Using Rhino, teams will quickly iterate upon formal possibilities to satisfy their team’s objective and unique siting. After a transcendent version has been reached, each group will assemble their inflatable geometry using Pepakura, and BLOW IT UP.

This workshop will have a session from 12-8 in room 103B. Work will continue intermittently through Thursday.

This workshop will be directed by Jono Sturt and Kyle Sturgeon from  Professor Jennifer Akerman will collaborate with Jono and Kyle.

Section Cut is a collection of resources, curated by some of the most savvy design professionals on the planet. Together we build the SC Collection, categorized in four parts: Analog for print material, Digital for incredible online content, Lectures for inspirational talks, and IRL (In Real Life) for top tools of our trades.


12-8 in first floor atrium

This is a hands-on workshop for makers. Glenn and Anca will get students working directly on the fabrication of mylar and adhesive inflatables. Students will learn techniques and tooling for making lightweight inflatables.  Why?  Because making is satisfying.  This workshop will join up with the Digital Deployment workshop late on Wednesday to take the skill acquired here and blend it with the skill acquired there.

This workshop will have a session from 12-8 in the Frist Floor Atrium. Work will continue intermittently through Thursday.

This workshop will be directed by Anca Trandafirescu and Glenn Wilcox from area.  Professor Matt Culver will collaborate with Anca and Glenn.

The first thing to know about area. is that we are designers, architects, makers, fabricators, and computer geeks not afraid to get our hands dirty. The two principals, Anca Trandafirescu and Glenn Wilcox are committed educators that teach at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan while maintaining their practice. We work at all kinds of scales: institutional buildings, houses, installations, set designs, material research, furniture, objects, and less categorical investigations.


assembly in room 103A from 5-6

There will be an assembly at 5:00 pm in 103A for students to discuss making practices with Adam, Anca, Glenn, Jono, Kyle, and Sara.  Pizza will be provided.


March 4, 2015
9:00 am - 5:30 pm