October 5, 2017 Interior Architecture Undergoes Reaccreditation

Beginning Oct. 20, 2017, the School of Interior Architecture will host a team representing the Council for Interior Design Accreditation for an onsite review toward reaccreditation.

In 2011, the school earned a six-year accreditation from CIDA. Now time for reaccreditation, CIDA requires a three-day onsite review by a visiting team of three practitioners/educators to determine whether a program meets its standards for interior design/architecture education. A significant element in this peer-review process is evaluating student work to determine achievement levels as an indicator of the adequacy of the required curriculum. Student learning is a primary gauge of educational quality and is evaluated for demonstration of knowledge, understanding, ability, skills, appropriate application and competency.

The team also will consider academic and professional qualifications of the faculty; adequacy of the facilities; administrative structure of the program and its relationship to the institution as a whole; and program assessment methods.

Faculty and students in the college will see the team as they tour the building, review student work, meet with faculty and interview students.

In addition to the CIDA accreditation, the School of Interior Architecture earned a nine-year accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design in 2011. For information about the college’s accreditations, visit