June 15, 2014 Professor Mark DeKay Named UT Quest Scholar of the Week

Mark DeKay, associate professor of architecture, recently published the third edition of Sun, Wind & Light, Architectural Design Strategies. The book, already a classic of sustainable design education and practice, is now a design resource making accessible to all designers the knowledge of how to design a building that produces more energy on site than it consumes.

As the primary co-author, DeKay doubled the work to two volumes, now totaling more than 860 pages. The new work incorporates results from the project, “A New Knowledge Structure for Net-Zero Design,” sponsored by the American Institute of Architects Upjohn Initiative Research Award, in collaboration with co-author G. Z. Brown from the University of Oregon.

A specialist in sustainable design technology, theory, and design process, DeKay co-edits UT’s online continuing education program in sustainable design. His other works include Integral Sustainable Design: transformative perspectives (Earthscan/Routledge, 2011), the first book to apply Integral Theory to design.