Minor in Game Design

Coming Fall 2021

For the first time, UT offers a Game Design minor, and it's right here. Beginning in Fall 2021, our Game Design minor brings the mechanics and simulation of gaming to your fingertips. Open to any UT student, you'll explore the development and use of simulations, gaming, role playing and strategies for knowledge production. You'll learn about gamer motivation, compelling narratives, culture vs context and more. Come out and play.

Pre-Minor Courses Open to All UT Students

The minor begins in its entirety in Fall 2021, and courses in game design will be taught before then. In Spring 2020, we offer Philosophy of VR, and in Summer 2020, Game Design: Process and Product, will be offered. More courses will be announced for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Electives can be taken in a variety of programs across UT, and you can choose the Game Design minor interdisciplinary studio where students will work in teams alongside faculty in the execution of a game experience.

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Philosophy of VR

Spring 2020 (3)
Students will directly engage with virtual reality and immersive content while analyzing virtual space, the nature of perceptual systems and the ethical implications of the technology to both the individual experience and society at large.

Game Design: Process and Product

Summer 2020 (3)
This course will cover the facets required to develop a game from initial idea through to final production.