Graphic Design Program

We are growing and will soon welcome Graphic Design to our college. Beginning in the 2019-2020 academic year, Graphic Design will move from the School of Art to the College of Architecture and Design. This move better serves students across UT’s design disciplines who share the same objective of human-centered processes. Like our students, graphic designers are also innovators, collaborators, entrepreneurs and makers looking to transform the world through design. We look forward to welcoming them into our interdisciplinary college. Current students and those who entered in academic year 2018-2019 will be able to complete their BFA in Graphic Design degree as published in their catalog.

Pre- and Post-2019 Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Graphic Design program provides an undergraduate education stressing creative and intellectual thinking, awareness of individual, social, cultural and communicative issues, the integration of new technology and a concern for ethical implications and the natural environment. Through the exploration of diverse problem-solving methodologies, innovative investigations and creative research in all forms of communication, you are well-equipped upon graduation to enter the design field across numerous types of settings.

For students who entered UT before Fall 2019:  UTK Undergraduate Admissions

For students who enter UT in Fall 2019 and after:  Watch for details

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The curriculum is sequenced to provide you with the skills needed for singular, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary projects. Underscoring concept development, strategic thinking, and collaboration makes us stand out as an environment for encouraging designers to embrace a range of needs from the simple to the complex.

For Our 2019 & Post-2019 Students

Beginning with a Design-Centered Foundations program, you start from Day 1 looking at the world through the lens of design. Small faculty-to-student ratios in a studio setting create a dynamic and creative environment in which to learn. At the end of your first year of study, you participate in the Graphic Design Portfolio Review (GRDS 200), the gateway to upper-division courses. You continue to gain valuable skills that can be used in larger contexts as you advance in the program. Traditionally 50% of the students who apply for credit in Portfolio Review are accepted, leading to a dedicated and motivated cohort of Graphic Design students. We have a solid, respectable record of achievement that is directly tied to the rigorous curriculum, visionary faculty, dedicated adjunct faculty and motivated and talented students.

A culminating project, including the creation of a website, is celebrated at the annual Senior Show.

Alumni and Faculty Meet our Alumni and Faculty

With 90% of graduates working in the field within the past five years, our graduates compete on a national stage and gain employment at locations all around the country.  We’ve listed some, and be sure to read the full list to date.

Great alumni don’t happen by chance. They are taught by engaged faculty.  Meet the Graphic Design faculty:

Our alumni carry the Volunteer Spirit from coast to coast

Amazon, Seattle

CF Napa, Napa, CA

Facebook, NYC

HGTV, Knoxville

IDEO, Boston

Google Creative, NYC

Microsoft, Seattle

Roots Rated, Chattanooga

Sam Houston State, Huntsville

Yahoo, NYC