ON HOLD _ Minor in Industrial Design

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE INDUSTRIAL DESIGN MINOR IS ON HOLD. Watch for details. Industrial design is more than product design. We teach you how to design to address need, create systems, solve problems. Open to all UT students, the Industrial Design minor teaches us how industrial design impacts virtually every person every day.

Summers Required Open to All UT Students

Please note that the industrial design minor is on hold. Watch for updates. In the industrial design minor, we combine design, engineering, business, art and the humanities, so you can generate, visualize and prototype innovative concepts. This is true design thinking.

Possible Courses:

INDS 211
History of Industrial Design
INDS 371
Ideation Graphics Studio
INDS 372
Industrial Design Studio
IDS 480
Furniture Design
MARK 300 ()
Marketing and Supply Chain Management
ECON 201 ()
Introductory Economics: A Survey Course
INDS 321 ()
Digital Representation and Fabrication for Industrial Design

Industrial design is inherently creative and combines design thinking and problem solving. In an intensive studio environment, students learn basic industrial design processes, communication techniques and resolution of real-world issues.

David Matthews, Professor, School of Interior Architecture

After Graduation Design Thinking in Your Career

No matter what career field you choose, learning the design-thinking principles through the Industrial Design minor will support it. You learn to scrutinize effectively, ponder without bias, understand people’s needs, design and iterate, collaborate with others and solve real-world issues. What employer wouldn’t value that?

Careers in:

Advanced technology

Consumer goods



Software and Computing


Interior Architecture

Industrial Design