August 23, 2013 11 Oct | Iñaqui Carnicero: “Second Hand Spaces”

Iñaqui Carnicero will lecture on Friday, October 11, 2013 at 5:30 p.m. in McCarty Auditorium. A panel discussion will also occur for faculty and students at 12:15 p.m. in the Reading Room.

The lecture is co-presented by the SPAIN arts & culture, the official Spanish cultural program in the U.S., and the Spain-USA Foundation, a 501(c)3 institution which is paying for Carnicero’s travels to the University of Tennessee.

Continuing education credits are provided to participants, who may attend the lecture or view below. If watching the event remotely, you may participate in the Q&A following the lecture by submitting questions through Twitter using the hashtag #ChurchLecture, or by emailing us at coadalumni@utk,edu. A member of our audience will ask your question to Carnicero.


The lecture, “Second Hand Spaces” will demonstrate projects built by Carnicero’s office in the last ten years. He will show how cities’ economical and political contexts offer unavoidable constraints that can be taken as an asset towards the production of a resolution. The projects will be framed in three categories or actions: redefining, reusing and adapting.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will:

  • See how to find the opportunities within design restraints.
  • Understand that economic status that architecture is currently in and headed toward.
  • Explore projects that display that expense limitations can create new ideas.
  • Understand the role as architects with dealing with economic down turn.


Watch the lecture here!

Lecturer Biography:

Iñaqui Carnicero’s career as an architect and design professor includes designing a building for C.E.U. Polytechnic University, the restoration of an Arab Tower in Guadalajara, and a cultural multi-use center in a former slaughterhouse of Matadero-Madrid, among others.

Carnicero’s work has received numerous accolades, including the 2012 Design Vanguard Award from Architectural Record, the 2012 Hauser Award, the 2012 FAD Spanish Architecture and Public Opinion Award, the 2011 Emerging Architecture Award Architectural Review, and the 2009 Rome Prize. He has lectured at Cornell, Rice, Berkeley, Cervantes Institute in Prague, London Roca Gallery and many other prestigious institutions.

Relevant Works:

ArchDaily: The Works of Inaqui Carnicero

Student Activities | Readings and Panel Discussion:

Students are encouraged to read the “Lecture Series Readings” provided through the “Academics” server. All college faculty, students, and staff have access to this folder.

An informal panel discussion with Carnicero will occur at noon of the lecture day in the Reading Room.

Special Thanks:

The UT College of Architecture and Design is thankful for the generous support of the SPAIN arts & culture, a program organized by the Embassy of Spain’s Cultural Office, and the Spain-USA Foundation.

Beginning their partnership with UT in 2012, the “Spanish-American cultural cooperation aims to create multiple links between the creative sectors of both countries and promote modern Spain’s fertile spectrum of contemporary artistic expression.”  The College of Architecture and Design is honored to host and introduce esteemed Spanish architects and designers, as a result of our partnership with SPAIN arts & culture, to the communities of the University of Tennessee and beyond. (View and learn about our spring lecture with esteemed Spanish architect, Francisco Mangado.)


As provided by and credited to Iñaqui Carnicero: