October 11, 2018 New National Rankings Reveal Graduates’ Hire Rates

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New national rankings reveal that our graduates are hired more often than graduates from many peer institutions.

The 2018-2019 DesignIntelligence “Most Hired From” rankings show all three schools in the College of Architecture and Design have been ranked nationally:  The School of Architecture is 5th; the School of Interior Architecture is 11th; and the School of Landscape Architecture is 18th in their respective size categories.

In the Southeastern Conference, more graduates of the UT School of Architecture and School of Interior Architecture have been hired during the past five years than from any other comparably sized school.  The School of Landscape Architecture is fifth in the SEC.

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The new rankings convey hiring practices over the past five years as reported by more than 6,000 hiring professionals from design firms across the country.

To attain the rankings, DesignIntelligence, which is the prominent source of rankings for design schools, combined the average number of graduates from each school’s undergraduate and graduate programs.  Using a formula to level-set the schools based on the number of combined graduates, the rankings divide the schools appropriately into size categories for each discipline.

In September, the UT School of Architecture’s undergraduate program was ranked 16th among all public schools in the 2019 DesignIntelligence “Most Admired” ranking.


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