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Communications Guidelines

Branding, Logo Use, Digital Media Expectations

This is an abbreviated list of guidelines for using the university and college/school logos correctly. All of the guidelines are important and should be reviewed and followed. Guidelines, as well as logos, templates, etc., are located in the Faculty-Staff folder on our server.

Briefly put, don’t alter any UT logo in any way outside of the approved variations.

  • We have several logos from which to choose, and each has several variations: University, university with tagline, college, college shortcut, school (unit), unit shortcut.
  • The university prefers use of the centered university logo when a university logo is used.
  • Wordmark (words under the icon block—power T) are Smokey Gray, not black.
  • The wordmark should never stand alone.
  • The icon block (Power T) cannot stand alone on letterhead; it can stand alone on websites, social media, e-mail templates and mobile apps.
  • Clear space is necessary around the logo. Sufficient clear space is equivalent to the height and width of the icon block.
  • Each logo has a minimum size, which is measured by the height of the logo. Refer to the guidelines document on the server.
  • A logo should be present on all official communication from the university/college/school.
  • For direction on color, use, color variations and more, refer to the guidelines document.

See Media Resources

For questions about logo use, please email Lindsey McBee or call 974-6401.

Digital Media Expectations

We celebrate free speech and encourage our students, faculty, staff and others to communicate about the college. Our digital media expectations are pretty simple:

When communicating for and about the college, we expect our students, staff, faculty and others associated with the college to communicate with the Volunteer Values of respect, accuracy, decency and civility. Disrespectful, inaccurate, indecent and cruel communications misrepresent the college, what we stand for and the good work we do.

Download the full Digital Media Expectations document.

UT Policy on Acceptable Use of IT Resources