August 11, 2020 A+A Move-out Resumes in August

A final opportunity for students to remove their personal items from studio will take place Aug. 12-17, 2020, following UT’s strict protocols related to COVID-19.

The college is undergoing final preparation for studios for fall semester, so all personal items must be removed prior to the start of class.


FINAL Dates for Removal

  • START: 8:00 a.m.,Wednesday, August 12
  • END: 12 NOON, Monday, August 17


PLEASE note:

After noon, August 17, all personal items left in studio will be recycled or placed in the trash. 


Students should follow these steps to request a time to remove items from studio:

Step 1:  Schedule your Move-Out

  • Move-out times are available August 12 – August 17 noon. Access is 8 a.m.-5 p.m. daily except Aug. 17, which is 8 a.m.-noon. Request your move-out time by completing our easy online request form (see below). For students who live on campus/in Greek housing, the date of the A+A move-out should align with your housing move-in date/time.
  • Once you complete the form, watch for a confirmation e-mail from the college confirming your date and time. Your date and time are not confirmed until you receive the e-mail. The confirmation e-mail also provides move-out details. If you don’t receive a confirmation e-mail within a day of requesting your date and time, please contact Ginger at
  • We will allow 15 students per floor/assigned studio space per 90-minute time slot.
  • You may have a fellow UT student pick up items for you, but you must enter your friend’s name in the application.

Step 2:  Prepare for your Move-Out

  • Complete the student self-screening form no more than two hours prior to arriving to campus. The form is available online and on the UT app. Learn more about the self-screening form.
  • Bring your VolCard. You will need it to access the A+A.
  • Print and bring your confirmation e-mail or have it handy on your phone.
  • Bring face masks for you and your move-out helper. Face masks are required on campus.
  • Before traveling to campus, read the information about COVID-19 found in your confirmation e-mail and on the UT coronavirus website.

Step 3:  Move Out During your Scheduled Time

  • Your desk may not be in the exact location from spring semester, but it will be located near where you last occupied it. All desks with student materials will be in the same bay where it was located spring semester.
  • Enter and stay in the building only at your scheduled time.
  • You can bring up to one person to help collect and move your belongings. The name of this person will be collected on the move-out request form.
  • Social distancing must be observed.
  • Do not park at loading dock while collecting belongings.
  • Enter the building at the east or west ground doors, and use the stairs to access studios. Exit through the loading dock or west ground doors.
  • Use only approved carts for moving items. They will be located at the loading dock. Please return the carts to the loading dock for other students to use. Please do not use rolling chairs, tables, etc., to move items.
  • Observe a maximum of only two people (you and your helper) at a time in the elevator. For efficient use of the elevator, use the stairwells.
  • Use the cleaning wipes available at main entrances as possible to help keep touch surfaces clean (hand rails, buttons in elevators, door knobs, etc.).
  • Use only the restrooms on the second floor. Other restrooms are closed.

During your scheduled move-out:

  1. Make sure you practice good hygiene, including
    1. Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol, esp. after touching frequently used items/surfaces
    2. Avoiding touching your face
    3. Using appropriate sneeze/cough etiquette
    4. Wearing a face covering
    5. Observing required social distancing

Need help?

  • If you need to reschedule your move-out time, please call 865-974-3243 and leave a detailed message including your name and phone number. You will receive a call back.
  • If you have questions, contact Ginger at
  • VolCard not working or emergency while on campus? Call UT Police at 865-974-3114.


Request your move-out time now.