A+A Wood Shop


Art + Architecture Wood Shop

Wood Shop Usage Calendar

Contact: Fabrication Director, Craig Gillam, 865-974-3254.

or one of our workshop supervisors, Fabrication Staff


  • Sliding Horizontal Panel saw
  • Saw stop Table Saw
  • Wood lathe
  • 24″ helical Head Planer
  • 6″ helical head jointer
  • Band saw/s
  • Sanders (Disc, belt, spindle)
  • Hand and power tools

Materials/Supplies + External Services

Woodshop users are responsible for supplying their own materials for the majority of tasks. For small tasks, however, we might have surplus materials available for use; please ask.

Within Knoxville and surrounding areas, we are fortunate to have suppliers for most of the necessary items. This list will help you locate the relevant supplies for your needs. If you plan to have materials delivered, you must comply with the Fab Lab Materials Delivery Policy. Failure to follow the policy will result in refusal to accept materials.