Master of Architecture Portfolio Guidelines

Portfolios are reviewed for quality of content, never for quantity. The selection committee is looking for images that demonstrate that the applicant is thinking visually as well as critically. A shorter but more striking portfolio helps to demonstrate this quality. A good portfolio may have very few images, provided those images are of high quality and strong critical value.

  • Students applying for the Arch 3G come from diverse backgrounds. Images submitted may include photography (digital or analog), montage or collage (digital or analog), images of 3-D artifacts such as sculpture or craft, or images of drawings, paintings, or other forms of 2-D artwork.
  • Students  applying to Arch 2G need not include every project, nor every semester’s design studio work. Include only the best work, and only the best imagesof that work. Make sure to note the curricular year and duration of each project and note any information regarding collaboration, including your responsibility for any of the drawings or models produced jointly.

All portfolio submissions shall be uploaded electronically as PDF files and will be viewed on standard monitors, and should be created with that in mind.