Assistantships + Fellowships

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships in the School of Architecture and School of Landscape Architecture are awarded on the basis of academic accomplishment, financial need and needs of the program. Graduate assistants help faculty members with course work, special projects, research, publications, etc., and are expected to work about ten hours each week.

The best time to discuss these options is when you are first applying to the program, so future needs can be considered when assigning financial aid packages.


Graduate Assistantships: School of Architecture

Graduate assistantships are available to students in the graduate School of Architecture after their first full academic year of study. Positions include Graduate Research Assistants (GRA), Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) and Graduate Assistantships (GA):

  • GRAs typically assist with specific ongoing research projects within the college, such as the Design/Build Program or the Institute for Smart Structures.
  • GTAs typically assist professors with classroom teaching and presentation, evaluating undergraduate work and other tasks.
  • GAs serve in a variety of roles, including assisting our administrative and office staff and communications office and providing event assistance.

Applications are made available to students each spring. Learn more about the assistantship positions available in the School of Architecture by contacting Director Carl Lostritto. If you are interested in a graduate assistantship, please discuss it when you apply for admission, so future needs can be considered when assigning financial aid packages.


Graduate Assistantships: School of Landscape Architecture

The primary mechanism for providing financial assistance to our students in the School of Landscape Architecture is through graduate assistantships. You will have an opportunity each semester to apply for a graduate assistantship through a competitive application process open to all students in the school. Graduate assistantships are awarded on a semester basis and include

  • a full tuition waiver
  • health insurance for the duration of the assistantship
  • a total stipend of $3,150 for the semester

This stipend is distributed on a monthly basis over the course of the assistantship @ $525.00/month and requires a 10-hour per week time commitment from you as a graduate research assistant, graduate teaching assistant or program assistant. Assignment to one of these positions is decided based on your work ethic, attitude, skill set and grade point average. In the 2015-16 academic year, greater than 50% of our students received this level of funding.

Learn more about the positions available in the School of Landscape Architecture by contacting Director Gale Fulton.


Other Assistantships

Other departments and programs on campus also offer graduate assistantships. Contact the UT Graduate School for information about these.


Graduate Fellowships

Fellowships are for a select group of entering graduate students who demonstrate the highest qualities of academic achievement and creative work.  Details are coming soon.