Scholarships You Can Do This

First things first:

To be eligible for either university scholarships or college scholarships you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

This should be submitted to the federal processing center no later than February 15 before fall of your freshman year. Tennessee residents must submit FAFSA to be eligible to receive the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship (HOPE Scholarship or TELS). Check UT’s OneStop for full details.

Scholarships and other awards are monitored through the financial aid office at OneStop.

College Scholarships

Our college offers close to 50 scholarships, many for multiple recipients.

Our schools of Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture have Scholarships and Awards Committees. The committees determine scholarships each spring, which are awarded for the following school year, based on the terms specified by the donors, who make the scholarships possible. The number of scholarships and the size of the financial awards vary.

You are encouraged to apply for scholarships, independent of demonstrated financial need.

First-Year Students

You must apply for admission by the November 1 deadline in order to be eligible to apply for competitive scholarships including the Chancellor’s Scholarships. First-year students who apply for admission by December 15 of their senior year in high school will be automatically considered for institutional scholarships. We strongly encourage you to apply for admission as early as possible.

Current Students + Transfer Students

The undergraduate scholarship application is available through the UT Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships. It must be submitted by March 1 to be considered for university or college scholarships.

Graduate Students

Current graduate students should complete this graduate scholarship application. The deadline is March 1. See the Graduate School for other opportunities.

Giving Thanks

When you receive a college scholarship, we ask that you write a letter of appreciation to the individual or organization who made the award possible. You also might have the opportunity to attend a Donor + Scholar Luncheon to meet the donor in person and discuss how the award is making a difference in your education.