November 9, 2015 Architecture Faculty Fellowship Launches

The College of Architecture and Design announces the inaugural Architecture Faculty Fellowship beginning in the 2016-2017 academic year.

“This initiative will recognize and foster emerging design educators whose work shows extraordinary promise for the future of the discipline of architecture,” said Jason Young, Director of the School of Architecture in the UT College of Architecture and Design. “As an annually recurring initiative, the fellowship program allows us to infuse the school with fresh perspectives and new voices on a continuing basis, benefit from the research and teaching contributions of new fellows each year and build a national network across the discipline through supporting people at a formative time in their careers.”

Architects and designers from a range of allied design professions and disciplines are encouraged to apply.  The fellowship will be awarded annually to architects and designers who are at or near the beginning of their teaching careers.  Appointed the rank of adjunct assistant professor, the fellow will spend one academic year in the School of Architecture in the College of Architecture and Design.  Fellows will teach three courses and pursue a self-driven design research, creative scholarship or critical project.

Deadline for applications is Jan. 15, 2016.  Details and application instructions are available here.