April 5, 2019 Lidwin to Explore Architecture Around the World this Summer

Mike Lidwin, a 4th-year Architecture student, received the 2019 Aydelott Travel Award for his proposal titled, “Breaks in the Border.”

The Aydelott Travel Award, which started in 2016, provides funding for students to study four historically significant architectural structures from around the world. Alfred Lewis Aydelott, FAIA, and his wife Hope Galloway Aydelott established the award to allow architecture students the opportunity to study structures first-hand and to develop analytical skills.

Lidwin plans to use his $20,000 award to visit the South Gate to Akbar’s Tomb in Agra, India; Yokohama Terminal in Yokohama, Japan; Valletta City Gate in Valletta, Malta; and Arnhem Central Station in Arnhem, Netherlands.

Lidwin chose these sites to explore the importance of entrances, specifically when the entrance is the main architectural component, not just a piece of the overall design.

“My inspiration for the proposal comes from the awesome conversations during studio projects that professors and students encourage and questions raised about the idea of the architectural entrance,” Lidwin said.

During his time travelling to sites and documenting his experience, Lidwin also plans to meet with professionals who have more direct experiences with the sites and can provide a localized insight to the structure and design.

Lidwin is in New York City for the spring 2019 semester working under UT alumnus David Epstein at Gensler Architects, a global design and architecture firm.

“I’m really excited to visit such important architectural works and to ultimately highlight these four awesome places and designs,” Lidwin said. “I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity and support given by the Aydelotts because they are supporting such an important aspect of architecture.”

The Aydelott Travel Award and Aydelott Prize, an additional $5,000 award given to one of the Aydelott Travel Award winners, were created to provide currently-enrolled students in professional architecture degree programs the opportunity to conduct research on significant structures.

Each year, an Aydelott Travel Award winner is named from each of the following schools: the School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville; the College of Architecture, Design and Construction at Auburn University; the College of Architecture and Design at the University of Tennessee; and the College of Architecture, Art and Design at Mississippi State University.

The Aydelott Travel Award allows architecture students the chance to identify, research, visit, observe and document buildings. These are valuable skills that architects constantly practice in the field. Not only does the Aydelott Travel Award prepare architecture students to study structures, but it also allows them to practice communicating about their analysis in a comprehensible way.

Students in the College of Architecture and Design interested in applying for the 2020 Aydelott Travel Award should look for applications in fall 2019. The deadline to apply is January 2020.

Past Aydelott Winners:

2018: Cullen Sayegh

2017: Dillon Dunn

2016: Catherine Dozier