April 28, 2020 Celebrating our Spring 2020 Graduates

Graduating students, we are excited to share plans for celebrating you!

You’ve reached the end of your years in our college, and your vision for a proper closure was abruptly changed due to coronavirus. While we all agree that no plans we make will replace your anticipated on-campus commencement and celebration, UT and your college have worked to put into motion plans that celebrate you, give you a way to share your work and even better, offer a way for you to come together soon.  Our plans coordinate with and supplement UT’s plans and as required, follow safety protocols surrounding COVID-19. Thanks to the many students, faculty and staff who contributed to this redesigned commencement celebration.

Here’s a quick look, and check out all details.

Link to the virtual commencement ceremony. It also will be posted on the event page, homepage and social media.

May 2020

Fall 2020

  • Reception and exhibition of work in the A+A for our spring 2020 graduates, families and friends

We’re proud of you and look forward to celebrating with you now and next fall. Read the details about the plans.

What about Brag + B?

Because we cannot be together in person and because many in our college family are still greatly impacted by COVID-19, this year’s festive end-of-year, all-college celebration called Brag + B will not happen.

Instead, we will celebrate in two ways:

We must be separated by miles, but we won’t be separated in spirit.