January 16, 2015 CNC Router and Water Jet Cutter Orientations

Craig Gilliam and Matt Culver will be beginning orientations for the water jet and CNC routers.  We will have two orientation sessions on Thursday and two sessions on Friday.  Each session is about an hour and is specific to one particular machine.  Orientations are conducted at the Fab Lab and are limited to 15 participants with preference given to those who apply first.  In the orientation, students will learn about a machine’s capabilities, allowable materials, proper file setup, machine safety, etc.

Orientation attendance is mandatory prior to use.  If you have a few students in one of your classes who want to use this equipment for a class project, please have them sign up.  Should you want all or most students in a class to use this equipment, please contact Craig or myself and we will set up a time for your class to come and do an orientation.  (Please allow a minimum lead time of one week prior to desired session date.)

Upcoming sessions:

Thursday, January 22: 3pm, 4:30pm (water jet orientations)

Friday, January 23: 9:30am, 11am (CNC Router orientations)

Students can sign up for an orientation by sending an email to:  with the following information: 1) Student name 2) which orientation he/she plans to attend.  Once they receive a confirmation email, they can attend.  If a student does not receive a confirmation email,he/she should not attend.  Additional orientations will be held periodically throughout the semester.