CoAD Fabrication Facilities Access

With current directives and following UT guidelines, our goal is to have the UT Fab Lab & A+A Woodshop open and accessible for members within the College of Architecture.
We plan to be open however it will be a bit different than before. Some of the changes will include limiting the capacity of users at any given time, scheduled appointments for access & usage, appropriate cleaning protocol before and after use.
    • No drop-in/walk-in access, scheduled use only
    • No appointment, no access!
    • All appointments are for individuals, not bring a friend.
    • Doors to remain secured
    • All appointments scheduled online
      • To schedule Fab Lab access- (Link)
      • To schedule A+A Woodshop access (Link)
      • Laser Cutting access (both locations) (Link)
  • Facility¬† capacities to be enforced
    • A+A Woodshop
      • 10 Users (8 shop, 2 laser)
        (Staff not included in numbers)
    • UT Fab Lab
      • Upper Level 12 Users Total
        (Area Specific limits)

        • Upper Level
          • Woodshop-4 users
          • Assembly Area- 2 Users
          • Rapid Prototyping Area- 4 users
          • Laser Cutting- 2 Users
        • Lower Level 8 users (not all simultaneously)
          • Welding- 2 Users
          • Work Areas- 2 Users
          • Robotics- 6 users

Use the Following information to Access The College of Architecture and Design Fabrication Facilities