May 4, 2017 College Summer Positions in the A+A

The college is seeking up to five students (undergrad or grad) for full-time assistance with the renovations and maintenance in A+A this summer. The major project is the renovation of the DPC into the MATlab. The new MATlab will assist students by consolidating 3-D printing, laser cutting, printing, and materials resource center into one supervised location in the A+A. The MATlab will combine extended hours with supervised support to allow greater access and reliability of equipment and resources.

Summer student employees will assist with
·         Furniture Design and Construction for the MATlab – Assist with the design and fabrication of furniture to be located in the new MATlab facility opening this fall. Great way to improve design and fabrication skills. 
·         Materials Library Development and Organization – Assist with the upgrade and organization of the existing materials library, research materials, organize and set up the materials library in the new MATlab. Learn about new materials and organization systems to reference materials.  
·         MATlab Setup – Assist with moving and setting up resources and equipment for the MATlab. Assist with setting up the equipment and materials check-out data base, graphic information system, and signage. 
·         General Building Projects and Maintenance – Assist with general, ongoing maintenance issues in the building such as painting, moving furnishings, and miscellaneous projects. 
Student employment will be 40 hours (full time) with the availability of time off for vacations. A minimum of 10-12 weeks of full-time employment this summer is required. 
For more information please contact Ginger Bladsacker in A+A 224 or by email to set up an interview appointment with David Matthews.