February 12, 2016 Dean Poole Elected as Fellow

headshot of Dean Scott Poole

Scott Poole, dean of the College of Architecture and Design, was recently elected to the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects.  The Fellowship program was developed to elevate architects who have made significant contributions to architecture and society on a national level and who have achieved a standard of excellence in the profession.

An academic leader and entrepreneurial administrator, Poole has earned national and international stature as a design educator and scholar, while expanding and refining the discourse between architectural education and the practice of architecture.  Before assuming his present position in 2011, Poole’s leadership guided and shaped Virginia Tech’s rise to a position of national leadership in architectural education.

In both 2012 and 2014, DesignIntelligence named Poole to its list of the “30 Most Admired Educators in America” for excellence in education and education administration.  Poole has been invited to teach and lecture at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, the University of Calgary, the University of Texas at Austin and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.
His scholarship has been widely published in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and in support of his scholarship, Poole was selected as a Fulbright Scholar.

The elevation to fellowship is conferred on architects with at least 10 years of membership in the AIA in one or more of the following nomination categories:

  • Promoted the aesthetic, scientific and practical efficiency of the profession
  • Advanced the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architectural education, training and practice
  • Coordinated the building industry and the profession of architecture through leadership in the AIA or other related professional organizations
  • Advanced the living standards of people through an improved environment
  • Made the profession of ever-increasing service to society

In all, 149 AIA members were elevated to the College of Fellows this year.  Overall, fewer than 3,200 of the 88,000 members of the AIA have earned this distinction.  Many alumni of the UT College of Architecture and Design are part of that distinguished group:

Keith Boswell

Charles Eley

Robin Ellerthorp

Gary Everton

Mike Fitts

Hunter Gee

Ron Gobbell

Duane Grieve

Kem Hinton

Greg Hnedak

Robert Jernigan

Ken Ross Jr.

Ted Shelton

Bryan Shiles

Randall Stout

George Thrush

Dan Watch

Barry Yoakum

FAIA 2016 phot credit Architect mag
Photo credit: Architect Magazine[/caption]

The 2016 Jury of Fellows was comprised of Diane Georgopulos, FAIA, Chair, Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency; Steve Crane, FAIA, VCBO; Marleen Kay Davis, FAIA, UT College of Architecture and Design; Mary Katherine (Mary Kay) Lanzillotta, FAIA, Hartman Cox Architects; David Messersmith, FAIA, University of Texas; Karen V. Nichols, FAIA, Michael Graves & Associates; and Donald T. Yoshino, FAIA, Yoshino Architecture, PA.

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