June 13, 2016 DeKay joins Advisory Committee for low-carbon design education


BEEnow_icecapProf. Mark DeKay has joined the Advisory Board for a new organization committed to low-carbon design education.  Built Environment Education Now (BEEnow) is creating a low-carbon education certification and scorecard for architecture schools.

The primary goal of BEEnow is to greatly and quickly increase the number of architecture students who have the motivation, knowledge, and skills to contribute substantially to the design of sustainable low-energy buildings thereby meet the goals of Architecture 2030 to make new buildings and major renovations carbon-neutral by 2030 and of the 2050 Imperative  by the International Union of Architects (UIA) to make all buildings and the built environment carbon-neutral by 2050.

Created by architecture faculty and practitioners, BEEnow is a voluntary certification program that inspires architecture schools to emphasize the teaching of sustainability so that graduates are competent to contribute substantially to the design of low-carbon buildings.

The BEEnow Board of Advisors includes:

Hillary Brown, FAIA, professor, City College of New York, author, founding director, NYC Office of Sustainable Design

Mark DeKay,  RA, Professor, University of Tennessee; co-author, Sun, Wind & Light; author, Integral Sustainable Design

Ralph DiNola,  President of the New Building Institute; Board Chair, Living Future Institute

John E. Fernández, author, Director Building Technology Program, Department of Architecture, MIT

Thomas R. Fisher, Dean, College of Design, Univ. of Minnesota, Editorial Director of Progressive Architecture magazine

Steffen Lehmann,  architect, prof. and  former Head of Architecture School, author

Daniel Lemieux,  Architect, Principal at Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. (WJE)

Keelan Kaiser, Professor at Judson University, former NAAB president

Jaime Van Mourik, Director of Higher Education at USGBC

Donald Watson,, FAIA, professor, former dean RIT, and author.