May 25, 2021 DesignIntelligence Seeks Input for Ratings

UPDATE: Deadline extended until Oct. 31.

DesignIntelligence, the industry’s premiere journal, has opened its annual surveys for hiring/supervising professionals, students/young alumni and deans of colleges of architecture and design across the country. Input from the surveys will be compiled by DI to create 2021 ratings for each program in architecture, interior architecture and landscape architecture. 
In the past, DI’s surveys were used to create rankings for programs, but this year, the journal changed its rankings program to a ratings program, giving each program a rating based on its merits, gleaned from the surveys.
Survey deadline was extended from July 2 until Oct. 31.

Hiring Professionals and Alumni

Professionals and alumni who interview, hire and/or supervise our graduates are invited to take the survey(s) by Oct. 31:

Students and Young Alumni

Current students in the college and those who graduated from our college within the past three years also are asked to complete surveys by Oct. 31:
Thank you!