October 28, 2014 Digital Deployment Workshop #3 with Section Cut


If you’d like to learn something about how to work with data sets, represent data graphically, and bring data into Grasshopper so that you can manipulate it and produce high fidelity 3D digital models, please consider this weekend’s Digital Deployment Workshop.

Dan Weismann and Kyle Sturgeon of Section Cut will be here on Saturday and Sunday to work with CoAD students who want to have an introductory experience with this type of work.  You can see the type of exploration you’ll get exposure to at

In preparation for this workshop Dan and Kyle have been exploring Open Street Maps and Elk for Rhino, along with Knoxville-specific  data sets that Professor Gale Fulton has provided them.

The workshop is free to CoAD students, is completely extracurricular, and offers a chance to experiment with things you might have had little exposure to in your regular classes.  The work within is collaborative, and Dan and Kyle care most about students getting comfortable with digital exploration. Its a low pressure, high yield environment where experimentation is understood as learning.

Check out the workshop particulars at

The password is:   scutk

I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Jason Young, Director of the School of Architecture