May 3, 2018 Two Art Exhibitions Showcase Undergraduate Students and Educators

Note: This story first appeared on the School of Art’s website.

Promo image for Art Source

On May 4, two exciting exhibitions opened in Knoxville: the Undergraduate Honors Exhibition at the Ewing Gallery, and ART SOURCE, an exhibition dedicated to the creative work of K-12 Knox County art educators, at the UT Downtown Gallery.

Both exhibitions are UT traditions, having occurred annually for many years. The Honors Exhibition was started in 1990 by Ewing Gallery directory Sam Yates, and ART SOURCE has been hosted by the UT Downtown Gallery since 2009, at which point it had been an annual exhibition for nearly a decade.

Many of the artists represented at ART SOURCE are alumni of the School of Art and the art education program in the UT College of Education, Health & Human Sciences. The opening drew large numbers of UT alumni as well as current high school students and their families.

The Honors Exhibition features eight senior students selected by faculty in the School of Art and College of Architecture and Design:

  • Michael Seagraves
  • Kristen Wasik
  • Sierra Plese
  • Marcus Taylor
  • Jesse McAdams
  • Jade Knox
  • Summer Abston
  • Lauren Buntemeyer
  • Dillon Dunn
  • Aaron Wright
  • Breanna Browning
  • Polly Ann Blackwell
  • Andrianna Thompson.
Close up of artwork
Detail of art by Grant Barbour
Exhibit of artwork
Art by Grant Barbour