Center for Student Development Explore and Engage

The Center for Student Development provides important services that help you explore and engage with the college, university, community and world as you become a lifelong learner, confident decision maker and contributor to the global society.

We serve as a critical component of students’ educational experience and success by supporting students through:

  • Academic advising and progression
  • Honors programs
  • Study abroad advising
  • Design Living/Learning Community
  • Internship opportunities
  • Career placement
  • Career Day
  • Recruiting
  • And student celebrations, like Welcome (Back) Day and Graduation Celebration

How can we help?

Located in Rm. 103C of the Art + Architecture Building, our Center for Student Development can help you achieve your academic and personal goals. Stop in for a quick question, or schedule your advising appointment to keep your academic plan relevant and achievable.

Academic Forms

Access and download forms related to progression, graduation and other student activities:

Still need help? Please contact the Center for Student Development at 865-974-3232. You can also visit us in person in Rm. 103C of the Art + Architecture Building.

Honors Programs

Our most academically accomplished and exceptionally talented students can take advantage of nationally distinctive honors programs and opportunities. The programs provide a range of academic challenges, enhancements and enrichment opportunities that facilitate the honors students’ quest to realize their full academic potential. UT’s honors students also enjoy substantial scholarship support through the guaranteed and competitive scholarship award process, as well as numerous additional academic privileges and benefits.

Members of UT’s honors programs are among the university’s most intellectually curious and creative students, most active student leaders and most successful and admired alumni.

Chancellor’s Honors Program

The Chancellor’s Honors Program (CHP) anchors UT’s system of honors programs and opportunities. The Chancellor’s Honors Program is UT’s largest university-wide honors program and is designed to serve honors students from new student orientation, when CHP students first receive priority in course registration, through commencement, when CHP students receive a Chancellor’s Honors Program-designated degree and Honors Key. While sizable, the CHP is also highly selective, serving only 5-10% of undergraduate students.

Haslam Scholars

The Haslam Scholars Program is UT’s premiere specialized honors program for first-year students. Haslam Scholars enjoy unsurpassed benefits, including UT’s top competitive Chancellor-level scholarships and an intensive four-year curriculum. In addition to receiving a laptop computer and participating in specialized extracurricular, service learning and summer enrichment experiences, Haslam Scholars also receive the equivalent of $4,000 in support of a joint study abroad experience and more than $5,000 in support of individual thesis research.

Baker Scholars

The Baker Scholars program has consistently attracted the University of Tennessee’s most academically gifted, politically curious students by offering a unique and meaningful opportunity for engagement in the field of public policy. The central undertaking of each Baker Scholar is a project that involves either research on a specific policy issue or implementation of a creative initiative that contributes toward understanding of public policy issues, governance, civic engagement, or public service.

Who Should Apply and How?

Information about the university’s honors programs is available in our Center for Student Development. Stop in or call 865-974-3232 to schedule a meeting to discuss your options. You also can do the research, yourself: First-year students can find more information about Haslam Scholars here. Incoming first-year and sophomore transfer students should consult the Chancellor’s Honors website for admissions information. Returning students should consult college and department websites for pertinent honors admissions and retention procedures and policies. Those wanting to be Baker Scholars can apply to the program during their freshman year or later.

Still Have Questions?

Questions regarding admissions into honors programs are best directed to the Chancellor’s Honors Program, which is the hub at the center of UT’s expanding system of specialized honors opportunities.