What is TAAST?

TAAST, The Annual All-College Spring Thing, is a week-long event organized and led by students that features lectures, workshops, a banner drop, a kickball tournament, a ball and more.  All students in the college are invited and encouraged to participate in this fun and educational break from studies.


History of TAAST

TAAST is one of the most enduring traditions in the college.  Started in 1971, TAAST has both evolved and stuck to its roots over the decades.

One of the oldest events in TAAST is the kickball tournament, which usually kicks off TAAST week.  For decades, students, alumni and faculty have battled on the field at Sequoyah Hills Park.

Another long-standing aspect of TAAST is the banner drop.  Each year, students design an incredible banner and in a ceremonious moment, unfurl it in the A+A.  Banners from many former years also are hung in the building to pay homage to the rich history of the event.


Enjoy this video from 2015 as faculty and students try to remember what “TAAST” stands for.