December 11, 2018 Graduate Story: Fox Heads “North to the Future”

Graduate Story: Ashlin Fox

As fall 2018 graduation approaches, we are highlighting one of our graduating students: Ashlin Fox. Fox has explored, collaborated and created with peers and professionals, proven to be resilient in and out of the classroom and plans to make some major life changes after graduation. We thank her for sharing her successes and life lessons, and we send our congratulations to all of our fall graduates.

Ashlin Fox with fiance in Alaska-wide blue sky

Ashlin Fox Heads “North to the Future”

On Dec. 14, Ashlin Fox will graduate with a Bachelor of Architecture and begin an even bigger adventure.  When Fox started at the University of Tennessee, she never expected to pack up and move 4,500 miles away after earning her degree.

Fox is moving to Alaska to join her fiancé Taylor Bryant at JBER Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska, finish planning their wedding and begin her professional career. In doing so, she becomes the first alumna from the college to begin her professional career in Alaska.

“Even though job searching is hard from 4,500 miles away, thankfully, the college has great connections all over the country including connections in Anchorage through firms in Washington,” Fox said.  “I’m also finding connections through the American Institute of Architects.”

Fox says that the ideal working situation is a medium-sized firm that does work similar to that of McCarty Holsaple McCarty Architects and Interior Designers, the firm in Knoxville where she currently interns.

In addition to professional preparation, Fox is also preparing to leave Knoxville and her family.  She feels adequately prepared for the distance because of her study abroad experience.

During her time in the college, Fox studied in Helsinki, Finland, which taught her new perspectives that have benefited her design skills.

“Studying abroad changed the way I design and also the way I think,” Fox said. “Living and studying in another country is awesome, and I hope even more students in the future get the opportunity to study abroad.”

Learning in another country is only one of the many experiences Fox had during her time in the college.  She also held several leadership positions including president of the Dean’s Student Advisory Council (DSAC), TAAST Director and vice president of the Beta Alpha chapter of Tau Sigma Delta.

In addition, Fox was a teaching assistant and took independent study classes where she worked one-on-one with professors.

“I gained so many connections by being involved,” Fox said. “Because I was involved with organizations in the college, faculty got to know me fairly well, which led to them thinking of me when their colleagues in the professional world were looking to hire someone.”

Fox also appreciates the faculty who were her role models.  One faculty member she distinguishes is Architecture’s Tricia Stuth for her academic rigor, professional achievement and family life.

“Tricia taught me not only about design but also how to be a strong female who presents her ideas and thoughts clearly with confidence,” Fox said.

With all of her training and experience in the college, Fox is prepared to start her professional career and life in Alaska, and as she looks back at her time at UT and toward her future, Fox is content.

“I feel very accomplished with school overall,” Fox said. “I can’t think of any regrets because I’ve always had faculty who have pushed me to always do and be more.”

It seems appropriate, then, that the state motto of Fox’s destination is “North to the future.”  Congratulations, Ashlin.

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