January 28, 2014 Gensler invites applications for the Global Intern program!

Through our Global Intern program, Gensler is looking for the best global-minded students to join our US offices for an internship experience. These participants will be part of the firm’s annual internship class, gaining hands-on experience of the firm and its culture.

Ideal candidates:
·         Are currently enrolled in architecture, interior design, or related fields of study.
·         Have demonstrated leadership in their school and/or community.
·         Anticipate completion of their academic studies within two years.
·         Are interested in the possibility of working in a Gensler non-US office location upon graduation.
·         Have educational, life, or work experience in a non-US locations where Gensler has offices.


For additional details on Gensler’s early-career experience, please download our Student + Graduate Career Guide.