November 14, 2013 Graphic Design at a Glance

Note:  This story first appeared on the School of Art’s website.

The BFA in Graphic Design at the University of Tennessee is a 120-credit hour degree that sequences students from an introduction to the field and its history all the way to completing a self-defined semester-long project to be presented in front of a panel of business professionals. In between this there are investigations into typography, data visualization and research, workshops with both local and visiting designers, team projects solving interdisciplinary problems, and a at least 7 credit hours of gaining hands-on experience working as an intern in a professional setting. However, sometimes before that even can begin, what exactly a graphic designer does needs a bit of explanation.

The Graphic Design Program has compiled an information sheet that helps clarify a bit more of the options within the field of graphic design as well as answer common questions related to graphic design at UT. Faculty office hours are listed on the sheet, so feel free to stop by should you still have more questions.