April 29, 2013 Senior in Graphic Design Places in EURECA Competition

Note:  This story first appeared on the School of Art’s website.

Student poses with research board

Tara Sripunvoraskul, a senior in the Graphic Design area, was featured in the Exhibition of Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement (EURECA). It was a Chinese language mobile app. Below is the abstract for the project:

“This experiment has been designed to initially explore and eventually evaluate the quality of learning experienced by students who authored learning modules for their peers vs. consuming material authored by an instructor or other primary content author.

This project uses the ARIS platform to create immersive language tutorials in Chinese and are developed by students to increase participation and engagement to bridge the gap of learning the material to be used in real-world situations The tutorials or “mods” being generated could be components to create a standalone game which will allow future students to explore the material in a traditional gaming vernacular. The mods include ways to interact with other students through sharing of photos and videos, social media aspects most students are already use too.

‘When we play a game we learn about our own patterns and out own styles through the game, and oftentimes we try on new kinds of ways of seeing the world or ways of acting in the world that I think surprise us and give us an opportunity to reflect on how we interact in life.’ (Macklin, 2012)”

Tara’s faculty advisor for this was Graphic Design professor, Cary Staples