April 5, 2021 Graphic Design and Nursing Students Collaborate on Healthcare Simulation App

Graphic Design students from our college are working with the College of Nursing to design and test a simulation app, V-Visit Sim, to help simplify virtual healthcare visits.

Written by the UT Office of Communications and Marketing

Every day at UT, students from different colleges and majors work in and out of the classroom to address some of the country’s biggest issues.

With the COVID-19 pandemic shifting approaches to healthcare in many places, students in the College of Architecture and Design’s School of Design and the College of Nursing have been working with faculty over the past year to design and test a simulation app, V-Visit Sim, to simplify virtual healthcare visits.

Graphic Design Professor Cary Staples began collaborating with College of Nursing professors Lisa Merritt and Xueping Li in 2020. Staples engaged Graphic Design students Allie Torres-Lopez and Samantha Huang, who developed a front-end website where users could log in, register and ask questions. The project will include onboarding and tutorial videos for the app.

“We got to be mentored along the way and to do work that has a bigger purpose,” Torres-Lopez says. “The work I got to do on this app can help make healthcare more accessible for patients. What drives me most is knowing that I’m ultimately helping people. I figured that out while working on this project.”

Currently in its beta version, V-Visit Sim gives healthcare providers in training hands-on simulated experience performing virtual healthcare visits. It comes preloaded with 40 clinical scenarios that healthcare providers regularly encounter.

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