November 8, 2019 Projects from Study Abroad Recognized by HBG Design

Michael Travis's image
Michael Travis

HBG Design, a nationally recognized architecture and design firm located in Memphis, Tenn., awarded three students with the HBG Design International Design Award (INDECOM).

Michael Travis received the 2019 HBG INDECOM Award of Excellence for his project, The Drift of Vallisaari, from the Finland Summer Architecture Institute in summer 2019. The study abroad semester was led by Micah Rutenberg and Scott Wall.  Travis received a cash prize of $2,500.

Haley Dennis was selected for the Award of Merit ($1,500) for her project, Ground, Sky, and the Space in Between, from the Finland institute, and Daniela Neal received Honorable Mention ($1,000) for her project, Aviary at Tor Fiscale, from the Arkansas Rome Center attended in spring 2019.

The awards were presented by Rob Jurbergs (BArch ’95), principal and director of design, and Kelly Grecco, recruiter, of HBG Design. The jury consisted of HBG Design professionals as well as our own Julie Beckman, Marleen Davis and Hansjoerg Goeritz.

INDECOM is available to all students in studio-based semester abroad experiences in spring and summer and recognizes innovative projects completed by students in international locales. This is the third year INDECOM has been available to students in the college.


Read about the winning projects:

Michael Travis

Michael Travis (boards)

Haley Dennis

Haley Dennis (boards)

Daniela Neal

Daniela Neal (boards)