December 8, 2020 Collaborative Team Designs Virtual Health Care Simulation App

computer screen with name of app

In spring semester 2021, students in the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s College of Nursing will get firsthand experience testing out a new virtual health care app designed by a team of faculty and students from across campus, including the College of Architecture and Design.

Lisa Merritt, clinical assistant professor of nursing, and her collaborative team at UT—Xueping Li, professor of industrial and systems engineering in the Tickle College of Engineering; Cary Staples, professor of design in the College of Architecture and Design; and Paul Hauptman, professor and dean of the Graduate School of Medicine—designed a mobile application to simulate a virtual health care encounter.

This multiplatform V-Visit Sim app is an educational app developed for health care educators that replicates a virtual visit between a provider and a patient.

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View a walk-through of the V-Visit Sim app.