January 11, 2021 Johnson Architecture Establishes Study-Abroad Scholarship

We’re honored that Johnson Architecture established a $25,000 scholarship for study abroad in our college. Thank you to Johnson Architecture and its principals, whose support will help ensure students are more able to graduate debt free. The scholarship is intended to address underrepresentation in the design professions and will help ensure future horizons are experienced by more students. Read this story from Johnson Architecture to learn more:

Daryl Johnson, AIA, NCARB Johnson Architecture Inc.

Johnson Architecture has established a $25,000 scholarship for University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design students that is intended to increase diversity in the profession.

The funds will be used for travel abroad experiences that are university-sponsored or -supported with $5,000 scholarships presented to students over the next five years.“The University of Tennessee’s College of Architecture and Design is widely regarded for innovative and immersive programs, and we want to help foster that in a meaningful way,” said Daryl Johnson, founder and president of Johnson Architecture. “Providing the next generation of architects an opportunity to study abroad and experience architecture on another level will help broaden the perspective of deserving students. We welcome the partnership with UT to provide funding for these endeavors.”Read the full story at

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