September 14, 2018 Keogh Interns with Globally-Recognized Gensler in Tokyo

Keogh in Tokyo with other interns

Patrick Keogh, a fourth-year Interior Architecture student, spent his summer 2018 interning with Gensler in Tokyo.

Gensler is an award-winning, billion-dollar global design firm that serves more than 3,500 clients in a variety of industries.

Keogh worked in Tokyo for two months. As an intern, he worked on 3D models, and as he became more familiar, he began rendering and working on presentation graphics. Keogh received this unique opportunity to work in Tokyo after meeting with the Gensler representative at the college’s Career Day.

While he had never lived in a big city before, he quickly became acclimated. “Since Gensler is an American-based company, the Tokyo office had an aura of a mixed work culture that was fun to learn and be a part of,” stated Keogh.

Keogh internship abroad in Tokyo

He first visited Tokyo two years ago on the college’s mini-term trip during spring break. While on the trip, Keogh experienced his first in-depth exposure to Japanese culture and design. He grew to love the look of the modern architecture of the city, sparking his interest in pursuing an international internship with Gensler.

During the internship, Keogh saw the city in a new light. “Everything seemed to have a different feeling of space, and I could see things more for what they are,” stated Keogh.

He explained the neighborhood he lived in had a great impact on his view of Japan.  “The cramped skyline of Shibuya was always in the background with its flashing aircraft warning lights, but the neighborhood was still and welcoming. People were always willing to talk, and I even felt a little bit of our southern charm in the big city.”


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