May 12, 2020 Interior Architecture Student Named 2020 Gensler Brinkmann Scholarship Winner

Danielle Lanier's Midterm Presentation

Interior Architecture student Danielle Lanier has been named the 2nd place winner of the national 2020 Gensler Brinkmann Scholarship. Presented by Gensler, the world’s largest architecture firm, this prestigious prize is awarded to students to celebrate and honor their emerging design talent. In addition to a substantial monetary prize, the scholarship comes with an opportunity to intern at one of Gensler’s offices. While travel restrictions are in place due to COVID-19, Lanier hopes to participate in an internship in the Gensler office in Boston soon.

“More than anything, this experience nurtured my curiosity and allowed me to push the boundaries of design,” explains Lanier, who finished her third-year in Interior Architecture in May. “Winning the Gensler Brinkmann Scholarship has validated my years of hard work and continual self-discipline and has reinforced the design knowledge I’ve learned in the college’s 4+2 program.” In the 4+2 program, students earn an undergraduate degree in Interior Architecture then in only two years, they earn a graduate degree in Architecture.

Lanier’s winning proposal focuses on community, innovation and regeneration. Transforming an old storage facility into a modern fulfillment center for Amazon’s Prime Air, Lanier’s design combines drone technology and community engagement in an urban, downtown setting.

“I’ve always been inspired by the psychology of design, so I begin every project with research to better understand my client’s thoughts and ideas,” says Lanier. “Then, I focus on major themes and concepts that emerge and how people will interact with this space.”

See Lanier’s winning proposal:

Read Gensler’s news release about the 2020 scholarship winners.

Lanier’s win marks the fifth win in the past six year for students in the College of Architecture and Design. Previous winners include these:

  • Niklos Toldi, first-place winner in 2018
  • Mary Morgan Smith, second-place winner in 2017
  • Taylor Odom, second-place winner in 2016
  • Erin Collins, first-place winner in 2015

Additionally, two students have won the Gensler Diversity Scholarship:

  • Mustapha Williams, second-place winner in 2017
  • Tabitha Darko, a top three winner in 2013

Gensler is committed to the education of emerging design talent. The firm has awarded nearly $300,000 in academic scholarships to students and graduates over the last 20 years. Established in 1999 as a memorial to Donald G. Brinkmann, a gifted interior designer, inspirational leader and former partner at Gensler, the Gensler Brinkmann Scholarship Fund celebrates Brinkmann’s career-long commitment to nurturing new design talent by presenting outstanding interior design students with scholarship and internship opportunities. Candidates are evaluated based upon their analysis and problem solving skills, design development, graphic presentation, communication skills, and passion.

Gensler is a global architecture, design, and planning firm with 50 locations and more than 6,000 professionals networked across Asia, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and the Americas. Founded in 1965, the firm serves more than 3,500 active clients in virtually every industry. Gensler designers strive to make the places people live, work, and play more inspiring, more resilient, and more impactful.

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