February 14, 2014 Liz Hill Retires after 39 Years of Service

It is with regret but well wishes that the college announces the retirement of Liz Hill, effective February 28. Liz leaving our college marks the end of an era. For 33+ years – a total of 39 for the university – she has served our students, fostering their development academically, personally, and professionally. Her role in the college truly defines “student service.”

In her own words:

From the first day that I started working in the School of Architecture my main priority has been the students: to know as much about them personally and professionally; to make sure that they had enough sleep and food; and to make sure that they were managing their time well. I never tried to be a mom figure; I never tried to make their life easy. I just wanted them to know that life is not easy, nothing is given to you for free and that they would have to work hard to achieve their goal.

Through her dedication, she has done just that – she has helped thousands of students (yes, thousands) attain the goal of a degree (and so much more). Liz has helped set the foundation for our past, existing, and future successes.

We invite all students, faculty, and alumni to extend their good wishes to Liz in her new endeavors.

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