2019 Annual Report

We thought we had momentum in 2018. Then 2019 happened.


The momentum we experienced in 2019 was beyond amazing. We grew to our largest ever; we received more applications than ever (spoiler alert…2020 looks to break that record); our financial support grew; our research reached new heights; our faculty and students made national and international headlines….


With diversity and inclusion as a major theme in 2019, our student body along with faculty and staff focused on where we were succeeding and where we needed to improve.

We introduced the new School of Design that houses the Graphic Design and industrial design programs.

We impacted urban areas across the state of Tennessee with innovative design.

Our students studied around the world as we started opening a new study abroad program in Japan, a first for our college.

Led by our incredible faculty (and 18 new faculty members!), the creativity in our studios was never better. Our students took on challenges, investigated unique solutions, created beyond what even they believed possible.

Our future is more promising than ever as we push ever higher to explore, make, transform.


To our stakeholders...

Alumni, donors, partners and friends, watch your mail for your printed copy of the 2019 annual report. Want to be sure to get your copy next year? Update your contact information.

Need an extra copy mailed to you? Send an e-mail to Amanda Johnson, amandajohnson@utk.edu, and include your name and address.

The annual report is one way we celebrate the legacy of our college, and that legacy was and is formed by you. On behalf of our students, faculty and staff, thank you for your continued support and advocacy.