Strategic Plan 2020

Over several months, we developed a comprehensive, well-vetted strategic plan toward 2020.

We invite continuing collaboration and support as we work to accomplish these 2020 strategic priorities:

  1. Recruit, enrich, graduate and place undergraduate students who are prepared to enter the global community as lifelong learners and authentic leaders
  2. Strengthen graduate education through an emphasis on excellence and improvement of the graduate student experience
  3. Attract, retain, and recognize stellar faculty and staff who strive for excellence and proudly embody Volunteer values
  4. Strengthen our capacity, productivity and recognition across our total portfolio of research, scholarship, creative activity and engagement
  5. Develop a resource base for the future; continue transformation of campus infrastructure
  6. Enhance diversity and inclusion to benefit our campus


From the identified strategic priorities, four top objectives were borne:

  1. Get additional scholarships to help us gain a competitive edge in student recruiting
  2. Secure additional internships for students while in school to gain experience and provide assistance to firms
  3. Secure our resources in the Fab Lab by purchasing the building for $1.4 million. Once accomplished, the $90K lease will go to student scholarships
  4. Expand our list of long-term industry partners to enrich the education of students and opportunities for faculty

All stakeholders in our enterprise, including students, faculty, staff, administrators, industry partners and alumni, contributed to the strategic plan, which will be adjusted over time as necessary according to the changing conditions of higher education and the professions we represent.

For more information about these challenges and opportunities, please contact Dean Scott Poole, 865-974-5267.


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