November 7, 2014 NCDC 10th Anniversary of the Plan of Nashville

The Nashville Civic Design Center celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Plan of Nashville on November 6, at a luncheon with approximately 500 business, design, and government leaders from the city.  Written by Christine Kreyling, The Plan of Nashville outlines long term goals and principles for future development in Nashville, based on years of work and extensive community input facilitated by Mark Schimmenti.  Schimmenti served as the Director of Design for the Design Center, from 2000 – 2004, followed by T.K. Davis until 2009.  The current Director of Design is Gary Gaston ’00. The luncheon included comments from founders of the Nashville Civic Design Center, as well as the Mayor Carl Dean.  Alex Krieger, the featured speaker,  is a Professor of Urban Design at Harvard.  Melissa Alexander (UT ’04) is a Teaching Fellow at Harvard and was also in attendance.  Both Alex Krieger and Melissa Alexander visited the campus for studio reviews and a course seminar.

Submitted by Marleen Davis