November 2, 2018 Interior Architecture Students Earn Awards to Attend National Convention

During summer 2018, four students in the School of Interior Architecture travelled to Chicago for the 50th annual NeoCon. The students, who were chosen for their exceptional design work completed in the college’s unique Crossville Studio, are Anaya Kabasu, Grace Ostdiek, Briana Willis and Makenna Wood. The studio was taught by professors Lisa Hoskins and Rana Abudayyeh.

Throughout the spring semester, students in the studio worked diligently to be recognized as some of the best in the class and to earn travel awards to attend NeoCon, a professional convention that brings together top trends and innovative ideas in the commercial design industry.

This opportunity is generously funded by Crossville, Inc., a partner in the Crossville Studio and a leading tile manufacturer based out of Crossville, Tenn.

“I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to network and learn more about our industry with working professionals. Seeing the magic behind our industry at market was exhilarating and inspiring, and attending NeoCon made the works of the industry come to life,” Wood said.

Through this opportunity, students gain valuable professional connections and exposure to the commercial design industry’s best and brightest ideas. This helps with students’ professional development now and in the future and exposes them to an aspect of design that exists outside of the curriculum.

“Going to NeoCon opened my eyes in so many ways,” Willis said. “I had the most memorable experience, one that really influenced my knowledge in ways that I can apply to my job and my studio this semester.”

“I am appreciative Crossville took the time to introduce us to a different side of design that we, as prospective designers, do not focus on much during our education,” Kabasu said.

“It was awesome that Crossville helped us to get this experience. I learned a lot about furniture and other design options at NeoCon that ended up being very helpful in internships and this semester in school,” Ostdiek said.

Crossville, Inc. has sponsored this trip to NeoCon for the past two years in the hopes of developing future leaders in interior design and architecture through this professional development opportunity.

This academic year, the third round of students in the Crossville Studio, taught by professors Rana Abudayyeh, Lisa Hoskins and Lisa Mullikin, will be selected carefully during final reviews in April based on their semesters’ designs.  These selected students will attend NeoCon 2019.

Crossville, Inc. is a family-owned, privately held corporation committed to pioneering products and practices that change the way the world views tile. Located in Crossville, Tennessee, Crossville, Inc. is the premier American manufacturer of sustainable tile solutions.