September 8, 2017 Part-Time Landscape Arch Opportunity at Knoxville Residence

Seeking part-time work for student in landscape architecture with AutoCAD skills.

Project consists of AutoCAD drawings of an existing home landscape. This would include a Master drawing of the full landscape [80% AutoCAD drawing completed by a student a few years ago], and Area plan drawings of the landscape. Currently there are about 40% of the Area plans drawings in ‘free-hand’ completed, and they would need to be converted into AutoCAD drawings. The remainder of the Area plans drawings would need to be developed by coming to the home and taking measurements and plant listing to complete those AutoCAD drawings. There are plant listing for all Area plan beds.

See below the PDF file of the 80% Master drawing.

Fee can be negotiated and could be an hourly or per drawing.

Schedule: Negotiated, hopefully by end of school year.

StewartBase1 Layout1 (1)

For more information, contact Randy Stewart by email: