October 24, 2014 Penultimate Design Review at the Nashville Civic Design Center

Following their review in Knoxville on October 22nd, TK Davis’ graduate design studio traveled on Friday October 24th for their penultimate design review at the Nashville Civic Design Center. ┬áThe studio is sponsored by the Greater Nashville Metropolitan Planning Organization, who has asked that sites in Wedgewod-Houston, Brentwood, Cool Springs and Franklin be developed as potential future light rail transit villages along the Southwest Corridor. Nashville invited reviewers included Tifinie Capehart (Metro Planning), Joni Priest and David Powell (Hastings Architects) Jay Everett and Mary Vavra (Lose Associates), Larry Wodson and Lelia Gilchrist (Woodson-Gilchrist Architects), alum Adam Nicholson (Gresham Smith), and Metro Planning Executive Director Michael Skipper.