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Micah Rutenberg

Assistant Professor

School of Architecture

Micah Rutenberg is a design studio professor and co-founder of StudioMars, a speculative design research practice based in Knoxville, Tennessee.

His creative work and scholarship investigate ways in which design negotiates patterns of settlement arising from the dynamics of logistical space, infrastructure, capital, and digital culture.

In addition to several ongoing projects examining the Tennessee Valley, he is currently working on a publication titled The Logistics of Mechanized Landscapes: Mapping the Tennessee Valley Authority, a thematic atlas that assembles a geospatial history of the TVA’s profound social and physical impact on the region. He is also Lead Organizer of Regional Globalism in the Tennessee Valley, a long-term project that includes symposia, publications, and exhibitions of design scholarship and research that explore key questions and provocations about the future of the region and its global implications.

Rutenberg has lectured on and presented his work nationally and internationally, with his writings appearing in such publications as Scenario Journal and Log (Anyone Corporation, 2017). A former Tennessee Architecture Fellow, Rutenberg has previously taught at Woodbury University and Arizona State University.