November 18, 2014 Realizing Design, Volstarter to Support Scholarships and Design-Build

VOLstarter allows you to impact specific projects and support the innovative and inspiring students, faculty, and staff at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, College of Architecture and Design.

A micro-giving effort, akin to sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, Volstarter helps realize student initiatives to reality. This winter season, we will be working to secure the realization of two important efforts of our college – Freedom by Design and Design Matters Camp.


Bring Inspiring Students to UT!

The Design Matters Camp Details:

UT’s Design Matters! Summer Camp allows high school students who are interested in studying architecture and design a first-hand look at their prospective major. The camp helps make their dreams of becoming a design student reachable, and you can help bring these high-achieving and deserving students to campus.

Not all students interested in architecture and design get to experience this summer camp. The fee of $985 per student can be overwhelming, but the large amount is needed for the camp to operate efficiently. Your donation goes directly to support scholarships that cover this fee. It removes the financial barrier and opens the door for well-deserving high school students to pursue their passion.

The camp allowed Jerry (featured) to affirm his aspiration to study architecture and was one of his best experiences at the university. Allow it to do the same for others by donating here.

Goal: Three Scholarships or $2,955.00

Help Students Change the Home for a Family in Need!

The AIAS Freedom by Design Details:

Imagine not being able to reach your front door because you can’t climb the front stairs or not being able to bathe because your shower isn’t wheelchair accessible. Each year, UT Architecture students join together in an effort to better the life of a family who struggles with these everyday tasks.

Meredith Graves (featured) is a student participating in UT’s Freedom by Design Project, a project where architecture students create vital modifications to the home of a family in need. This project is conducted at no cost to the family in hope to lessen their everyday struggles. Freedom by Design’s mission is to better these families lives with the talent and skill of architecture and design. This special project shows every student involved that their passion can be used to help others.

Unfortunately, we currently do not have enough funds to buy the necessary materials needed to perform this project efficiently. These modifications we are designing and constructing are our gift to these families, so we want to be able to provide the best high-quality construction as possible. Your generous contribution can allow us to do this.

Freedom by Design is important to the community. The families are chosen based on their disabilities and financial income – we are often these families’ only choice! Through your donations we can change their lives through our skills of architecture and design.

Goal: One Design-Build Project for a Family in Need or $3,000.00