December 12, 2019 Sachs, Dodds Receive Regional Awards for Professional Writings

Two professors of Architecture earned publication awards from the Southeast Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians.

Avigail Sachs, Associate Professor, received the 2019 Award for Excellence from the SESAH for her book, Environmental Design: Architecture, Politics, and Science in Postwar America (Charlottesville: Univ. of Virginia Press, 2018). Sachs’s book is a well-researched history of environmental design that encompasses modern ideas including parallels to contemporary discourse as well as lessons for current practice.

George Dodds, Alvin and Sally Beaman Professor of Architecture, was named a recipient of a 2019 SESAH award for his essay, “The Brick Country House Project: Mies van der Rohe” in Companions to the History of Architecture IV (2017). In his essay, Dodds’s uses historiography and analysis to show how the image of the building has been manipulated in its presentation by historians and architects, revealing inherited preconceptions.

The Southeast Society of Architectural Historians announced the recipients of the 2019 Publication Awards on October 11. The awards are given to authors with outstanding scholarship about the architecture of the South. The criteria for these awards are measured on the potential impact on the field through the author’s approach and analysis.