August 22, 2013 Sept 23 | De Leon & Primmer | “Recent Work”


The event will take place on Monday, September 23, 2013 at 5:30 p.m. To receive continuing education credit, participants may attend the lecture or view below.

You can participate in the Q&A following the lecture by submitting questions through Twitter using the hashtag #ChurchLecture. A member of our audience will ask your question to the lecturer.



Roberto de Leon Jr. and M. Ross Primmer of De Leon & Primmer Architecture will present “Recent Work.” The duo works closely with the community and the local traditions of their base-location in Louisville, Kentucky, emphasizing cultural and civic environments. They will discuss their use of local materials and conventional construction methods in regional projects. De Leon and Primmer, who established their firm in 2003, favor using simple passive systems over high-tech solutions, and emphasize the importance of knowing the site and climate for every project.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will:

  • Understand the importance of knowing one’s region
  • Experience projects that work with clients and their needs
  • See how projects can become significant when culture is considered in the design
  • Explore the advantages that come with working locally with one’s community

Lecturers Bio:

De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop was established in 2003 as a design studio focusing on cultural and civic environments.  Based in Louisville, Kentucky, the duo use the contextual specificity of our region as an open-ended opportunity for research & investigation.  Their history of working with not-for-profit organizations and grass-roots community efforts has shaped a practice grounded in exploring architectural possibilities to enrich & nurture our community through both design and the collaborative process of consensus-building.

Their working methodology draws inspiration from local traditions of craft & fabrication, placing an emphasis on ordinary materials and conventional construction methods.  They purposefully cultivate a reductive design rigor aimed at both economy and constructability.  In a similar vein, De Leon & Primmer approach sustainability from an equally regional perspective, favoring simple ‘passive’ strategies over specialized systems through a nuanced understanding of site and climate.

Relevant Works:

ArchDaily: Works by De Leon & Primmer

Suggested Reading:

Students are encouraged to read the “Lecture Series Readings” provided through the “Academics” server. All college faculty, students, and staff have access to this folder.


 As provided by and credited to De Leon & Primmer:

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